The Joys of Laser Chemistry, Continued

Laser chemistry is great. Just great. You get to tinker with stuff all day long, spend ten days collecting horrible data only to get your hands on a beautiful spectrum on the eleventh day. Or so the post-doc tells me…right now we’re only on day 2…

The laser and frequency doubler are now working and calibrated! When I left the lab at 5 today, our supersonic electric discharge jet wasn’t producing enough radicals and analyzable goodies, but the post-doc seems optimistic. More optimistic than he’s been the rest of this week anyway…I thought the poor guy was going to shoot himself on Monday!

My synthesis may be going the way of the BETAMAX, which is a great thing because it DOESN’T WORK! (At least not under my supervision.) I’d rather work with the jet apparatus and lasers more directly anyway.



  1. You, you should have been at CERMACS with me and Ryan. There were SO MANY spectroscopy seminars, and they were all related to nice large organic things and photoinduced charge transfer…and solar cells…and…and…It was pretty cool.


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