Bored in Organic Class

This is what happens when someone gets really bored studying organic chemistry.

If only textbooks presented reactions this way, the world could get rid of curly arrows forever…



  1. One cannot support gratuitous old Aldrich catalog abuse as background. “Mission from Moscow” exposes the videographer’s agenda: socialist hegemony imposed one nucleophilic attack at a time. Oh the humanity!

    Lactolide, glycolide… where will it end? DAMN YOUR EYES Enviro-whiners!


  2. That’s cool.

    Uncle Al- never, ever use the term “hegemony” in a chemistry blog comment. They’ll figure out that you’re on to their Gramscian plan, and deconstruct you. Or something.

    I have a buddy who is a communications professor. He speaks the Gramsci/Foucalt lit crit hegemony stuff all the time. Mostly, I haven’t got the first goddammed idea what he’s talking about, though I have given it enough of a try to encounter the Sokhal hoax and stuff like that. But once, he asked me what it would take to ‘overthrow’ the periodic table. I tried to make the point that, fundamentally, the periodic table is an organization of experimental observation, that has since been backed up with theory. He wondered why we ‘privilege’ this particular structure.

    After trying really hard to understand what the hell he meant, I got the impression that he thinks, honestly, that scientists just make shit up and all agree to discuss it in a certain way. I basically told him that he had the luxury of this because he didn’t interact with things that would mercilessly render him dead as a rock if didn’t privilege the knowledge that has been gained over time, different ways of knowing be damned.

    He thought, and then said, “Yeah, if I write down something that doesn’t conform to the narrative of my field, my papers won’t explode.” I think that we may have understood one another for a few minutes, at least.


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