Breaking Bonds

My chemical life has decided to turn into a living hell this week…although I’ve learned everything I could ever possibly want to know about YBa2Cu3Ox and superconductors, my compound didn’t exhibit the Meissner effect and iodometry blows. Well, at least the procedure given in Girolami blows…and our TA’s are morons. One talks way too much, one talks when he knows what he’s talking about but keeps his mouth shut otherwise, and the third avoids us altogether. I’m sure my fellow classmate can identify which is which :-).

Apparently, in instrumental lab my partner and I and another pair have discovered quinine/sulfuric acid solutions that exhibit a negative correlation between concentration and fluorescence. As in, more concentration, less fluorescence. Either that or the instrument is broken…you be the judge. That TA isn’t so bad; he’s letting us write the report about the theory behind fluorescence and why we would expect a direct relationship between concentration and fluorescence. Self-proclaimed badass Brooklyner Bramwell would never be so kind.

Real chemistry content to follow soon. Promise! To close, this chick looks like she’s about to crap a river:
EDIT: The “breaking bonds” reference refers to the cherry on top of this week…my girlfriend and I broke up Sunday.



  1. Hmmm. My take on the TAs was that two of them more or less know what they’re doing and are fairly helpful. The other one asked me how to use the rotavap on Wednesday (no further comment).
    Don’t let the labs get to you too much. The instrumental TAs (especially since Sanja is one of them and she’s super-awesome) will probably go easy on you–we didn’t have the chance to DO two labs because the GC/MS and HPLC were both down.
    Sorry to hear about you & your girlfriend. At least you’re not in engineering, eh? Here, at least, there are girls in your classes.


  2. “At least you’re not in engineering, eh? Here, at least, there are girls in your classes.
    I’m surprised by your comment. When I TA’ed ChemE classes at Illinois, it was about 50% women. Granted, this was the late ’80s (1980s, not 1880s) so there a bit time gap. Have things changed that much?


  3. Chem E is still pretty healthy in that department, at least here. I was a chemical engineer before I crossed over to the dark side, and we had probably about 30% women.

    Chemists are definitely hotter on average though.


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