Housekeeping, etc.

The font size issue has been resolved. Something, or someone (bum bum BUM!) decided to stick an itty bitty sub tag at the end of “Grad School Post #3″…rendering everything after that point subscript. Grrrrrr…

You may have noticed that my layout has been utterly nuked in the process of discovering this problem. Please bear with me as I try to find the right layout again…I was getting a little tired of the black on gray anyway.



  1. CBC used this layout, in the beginning. Then I messed around with it and now we have our own. The last bits that remain are tiny little dot bullets by the comments and linkies.
    Best of luck on the inorg exam. I know the group theory bit will give you no trouble…


  2. Same to you. I just hope there’s not much on there about the transition metals, etc. Pretty much anything but group theory and I’m in trouble…


  3. It’s over, it’s over!!!
    (No matter how many times I checked over my scribblings, I couldn’t make the number of vibrational modes come out to 6. I will lose sleep over this. How many vibrations did you end up with on the question about phosphine?)


  4. Aww did you count the E’s as TWO?!

    I think I got something like 2A1 + 2E for the symmetries of the vibrational modes. The two E’s contribute FOUR vibrations, and the two A1’s contribute 2.

    I completely bombed question number 2, I’m pretty sure.


  5. Yes! E representations are two dimensional…I always think of them as two degenerate bending modes. They count as two separate vibrations, but they have the same energy, fall under the same representation, and only give one peak on a spectrum.

    Damn you-know-who for teaching this horribly.


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