"Determination of the Octahedral Crystal Field Splitting Parameter of a Series of Chromium(III) Complexes"

(9:44:42 PM) willowliz245: I like your away message
(9:44:45 PM) willowliz245: what’s it mean?
(9:46:41 PM) michaelevans86: there are these molecules called metal complexes, that consist of a central metal surrounded by molecules that donate electrons, called “ligands”
(9:47:11 PM) michaelevans86: electrons in the isolated metal atom sit in these little containers called “orbitals”…specifically, “d orbitals”
(9:48:04 PM) michaelevans86: these orbitals ordinarily have all the same energy, but when the ligands come around, they are split into two levels
(9:48:22 PM) michaelevans86: so you start like this: _ _ _ _ _ (5 containers, all the same energy)
(9:48:32 PM) michaelevans86: and you go to this: _ _
(9:48:35 PM) michaelevans86: _ _ _
(9:48:41 PM) michaelevans86: two higher energy, and three lower
(9:49:10 PM) michaelevans86: the energy difference between the set of three and the set of two is called the “crystal field splitting parameter”
(9:49:32 PM) willowliz245: splitting being the diff bt two and three
(9:49:33 PM) willowliz245: ?
(9:49:44 PM) michaelevans86: yep!
(9:49:55 PM) michaelevans86: different ligands split the levels to different extents
(9:50:27 PM) michaelevans86: water, for example, is a pretty weak-field ligand…the energy difference between the two and three is low
(9:50:49 PM) michaelevans86: you can determine the extent of splitting by taking a spectrum
(9:51:01 PM) michaelevans86: and looking at the lowest-energy peak
(9:51:45 PM) michaelevans86: we did this for three complexes of different ligands, and ordered the ligands according to how much they split the d orbitals
(9:52:00 PM) michaelevans86: unfortunately, the order we got doesn’t jive with established data



  1. This is the last lab report I’ll ever have to write!!
    (I’m maybe a little surprised you were able to carry on a conversation about that. James might ask a question or two from time to time, but then zones out as soon as I start to answer it.)


  2. This is a direct quote: “I like it when you talk chemistry to me.”

    Guess I just have that effect on people… 🙂


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