OMGZORZ!!!!!1!eleven!!1!!! SPAZZING OUT

It looks like I’m going to graduate school.

That is all.

😀 😀 😀



  1. Come on. You knew you were going to get in–your GPA is damn near perfect and you (probably) have awesome recs. I’d be surprised if anyone rejected you.


  2. Well, yeah… I’m 4 light years away and I could have told you that.

    You care enough to work for a pchemist as an undergrad, and you can tell your asshole from your elbow (and believe me, plenty of kids with stratospheric GRE scores can not). Anybody that gets this psyched about going to grad school is likely to have what it takes to succeed or is an idiot with no grasp of reality. Clearly you are in the former category.

    I expect big things. Do you know who you want to work for yet?


  3. Yeah…I think I let excitement get the better of me a little.

    Don’t know who I want to work for yet…if I had to narrow it down I’d say Wasielewski, Stoddart, or Marks. Wasielewski’s group is closest to what I’ve done in the past, but I think Stoddart’s research is insanely interesting…so I’m not sure.


  4. Wouldn’t it though? Those three look like the most exciting, interesting researchers to me. Of course, that could all change after visiting with the groups themselves, so who knows.


  5. They have a thing in March for interested people…I’m supposed to get something in the mail about it soon; when I find out the exact date I’ll let you know. Road trip?


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