Analogy of the Week

“The less opposite-charge-separated resonance structure is the better one…this is like living around the block from Cindy Crawford, and this is like living next door to Cindy Crawford.”

Why is it always Cindy Crawford?! She’s not that hot…I’d take Jessica Alba over her any day. She’s probably the best available combination of hotness and a name that rolls off the tongue though. And in retrospect, it might be better to live around the block from her anyway. Nothing a pair of binoculars and a good telescope couldn’t handle*. Plus knocking on the door and being like “hey, I’m your next-door neighbor, just wanted to say hello” just smacks of desperation. Much easier to play it cool around the block. I can see it now…

ME: “Hey baby, I wanna be the positron to your electron.”
CC: “What?”
ME: “Whaddaya say we get out of here and annihilate some elementary particles?”
CC: “Huh?”
ME: “You’ve got electrons, I’ve got empty p orbitals…let’s form some bonds.”
CC: “That is so hot.” [leaps into my arms]

Apparently this is the year a geek will steal your girlfriend. By using witty, intelligent sexual innuendoes, of course.

* That’s a little thing I like to call “spooky action at a distance.” 🙂


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