Where’s an IR transmitter when you need one?

Just try the closest digital camera! Fascinatingly, almost all digital cameras pick up intense infrared light and output it as bright white. Everything says it’s true, and I’ve confirmed it with Photo Booth. In London, where the British government is paying homage to V for Vendetta by carrying out a real-life re-enactment, devices called IRASC (infrared against security cameras), which consist of nothing more than a bunch of intense IR-LEDs, can be used to “wash out” your image on a security camera. Interested in how your Wii works? Try aiming a digital camera at the sensor bar, and you’ll notice a series of equally spaced white lights in the picture. These infrared transmitters help the Wiimote determine its position. And get this (brace yourself)–two candles put out enough IR radiation for the Wiimote to pick up a signal! So don’t fret if you lose that sensor bar!

Some high-end digital cameras containing IR filters don’t display this fascinating property, but if you’re into photography enough to have one of those, you probably already knew digital cameras pick up IR. Out!


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