Lord, here we go

I think I’ve blogged about my painful addiction to sports before, but I can’t find the post. In any case, today is one of those days when my addiction hurts really, really bad…because I can’t stand people talking about a losing team that played with “heart.” It makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

The fact of the matter is, at the end of the UT game, UK did NOT play with heart. UK played with big, hairy, sweaty, donkey balls. Derrick Jasper missed a ridiculously wide open three-pointer (that I would’ve made, which is why I feel free to criticize it) that essentially lost us the game. Ramel Bradley refused to push the ball past the three-point line, then thought he was the shit for making an NBA three-pointer with a minute and a half to go. There were never more than two Kentucky players inside the three-point line in the final two minutes of the game. Someone please explain to me how you can score without pushing the ball past defenders! Tennessee, I will concede, also played like shit at the end of the game, largely due to our defense. But that doesn’t change the fact that basically, as usual, we willed ourselves into losing this game. Our defense gave up a wide-open three that, thankfully, UT missed. UK literally did not do one thing right in the final minute of that game, aside from remembering to breathe.

I honestly think if Patterson was healthy, the game would’ve been a lot uglier, and there was no reason we couldn’t have won with the lineup we used. If we had played with so-called “heart,” we would’ve won…and revealed to the world the fact that UT does not deserve to be #1 right now.



  1. You do know you’re supposed to DELETE spam comments, right?
    …Public service announcement: in general, anyone who links to their own site (unless it’s to a very specific and relevant post) in the text of a comment…AND offers you a hug…is a spammer. 😀


  2. hey there- i found your blog via everyday scientist. i like it!

    it’s cool to find a fellow chemistry nerd who also happens to be a basketball nerd. any chance of a post on the upcoming tournament? kevin love and UCLA seem like a pretty fashionable pick for someone who doesn’t have a TV in the lab to watch very many games.


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