He hates Sarah Marshall, and I feel like an idiot

So I’ve arrived in Chicago for a visit to Northwestern. On the way I passed a taxicab with a very simple ad, black lettering on a white background, that read “Sarah Marshall sucks,” with a website underneath it:

I Hate Sarah Marshall

Now naturally, gullible old me was like “wow, this guy really went all out in hating this chick. And I bet he’s loaded too, considering he was rich enough to pay for ads all over the city. I can’t imagine what she did to him to push him to this…dear God.” Then…I clicked on the link, and read a couple of posts on the site. Then…I clicked on the video…which turned out to be a preview for a movie…about a guy whose girlfriend breaks up with him.

Stupid viral marketing.



  1. Chicago’s been wonderful…Northwestern has been OK so far…Illinois actually impressed me a little more (the grad students at least), but once I talk with the profs I’ll let you know. Things were just kind of disorganized, and it seemed like they didn’t have things well planned out for dinner tonight.

    And when the first four students you meet hear your interest and are like “eww, I hate organic,” that tends to be a turnoff. No one from Marks’s, Scheidt’s, or Stoddart’s groups went to dinner, and I didn’t get a chance to talk with the one from Woz’s. It just makes me worry that they’re not happy (i.e.–not happy enough to recruit prospectives).

    Just be afraid, be very afraid 🙂 NW has a lot to prove to me at this point.


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