Prepare for a revolution in fake flower technology, ladies

Skating Beads of Water: Chemists Reproduce the Rose’s “Petal Effect”

Here’s one from a genre I haven’t touched yet: surface chemistry. Lin Feng et al. recently published an article in Langmuir describing the “petal effect,” a surface property of rose petals that allows them to hold on to water super-tightly. The effect is apparently due to teeny little bumps and folds in the petal surface, which lead to what they call “superhydrophobicity.” Of course the authors are excited for the future of nanoadhesives, et cetera…I personally just can’t wait until fake flowers finally get over the hump. Imagine, a two-dollar dozen “roses”…and with those nanoadhesive petals, she’ll never know the difference ;-).



  1. James’ thoughts on flowers:
    “They’re pretty for a few days, then they die and you throw them away. What a great way to symbolize your relationship!”


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