Funny Story

So I hung out with the family earlier today for a family picnic kind of deal. My sister and I start chatting and she mentions that her friend, who goes to Notre Dame, has heard of some crazy chemistry professor at U of I, and that through the grapevine she knows how “intense” it is. While she’s racking her brain for the name of this professor, and warning me that either her friend said “not to be in her lab, or to be in it, one or the other” (how helpful), I start running through names in my head like a pack of chemist trading cards.

“She mentioned someone else too, a man I think,” my sister says.

“Is it Christina White?”

“YEAH! That’s it!”

“Yeah, her husband Marty Burke teaches there too.”

“Yeah! She said not to be in her lab, and to be in his, ‘cuz he’s a lot more chill.”

“Yeah…let me tell you about this belt buckle…”

Here’s to famous chemists!



  1. Hooray Notre Dame.

    Is your sister’s friend an undergrad? Is she in the science department?

    I’m just merely curious.


  2. I went there for grad school. Worked for the Taylor Group. I’m not sure if grad school’s count toward alma maters or not, but it is my wife’s alma mater.


  3. wait, is there a story to the belt buckle other than the fact that it is Large And In Charge? and is that story suitable for publishing on the internet? I am dying to find out!


  4. The engraving on the buckle is her initials in the shape of an organometallic compound…blogger isn’t exactly conducive to ASCII art, but check some of the other photos in the link, and you can see the design on a few of her dry-erase boards. That’s pretty much the story, as far as I know.


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