Obligatory Champaign Post

Well, I’ve made it to Champaign in one piece. Sadly in the past twenty minutes I’ve had nothing better to do than read this post at The Chem Blog, as I wait for my roommate to arrive.

The first thing that struck me about C-U was the amazing number and diversity of businesses around here compared to Lexington. In the restaurant business here, local joints seem to be giving the chains a run for their money, at least around campus. It’s a refreshing change from Lexington, where I can practically count the number of cheap local restaurants on two hands. And there’s Amtrak here! It’s pricey, so I’ll probably never use it, but hell, it’s Amtrak! I live within walking distance of the station, which looks kind of like a planetarium with a huge rod sticking up from it on the outside.

Other than that, there’s really not too much to say. It’s nice to be in a city with a square grid of streets, unlike Lexington, which seems to operate on polar coordinates. I finally figured out what bugs the shit out of me about Lexington’s roads: there is an utter lack of choice when it comes to getting to a specific place. There is almost always one, and only one, way to get there without wasting shit-tons of time. In C-U, on the other hand, and in any other city with a reasonable street grid, there are all kinds of ways to reach one destination, depending on what cross streets you use, etc. It spreads the traffic out. Imagine that! Good traffic…what a concept.

The traffic around here has been pretty amazing though, honestly. Definitely a huge step up from Wildcat country. More to come!



  1. I miss the grid system of the midwest and…well…anywhere that’s NOT the east coast or the first places we moved AFTER the east coast.

    Here, there’s pretty much one way to get to a place. If a second way opens up, then it gets jammed with traffic, as well.

    Take, for instance, driving home at night. There are three roads that go north out of Durham. Two of those roads merge to form one road, making the sum total two roads. Nice. And the other road is pointed in the wrong direction, so everyone who lives north of the city gets slammed into one road. Brilliant.


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