Learning everything about nothing is getting a little easier…

The ACS Logo

pubs.acs.org, the publications website for the ACS, is getting a much-needed facelift this weekend. No more scrolling up and down HTML articles every time you need to grab a reference–just hover over the number, and there it is! Clicking on figures no longer takes you to an entirely different webpage, and with the new figure browser, jumping from picture to picture is easy (we all know how much chemists enjoy looking at pictures…). You can even look at the figures in an article from the journal’s table of contents without actually reading it[1]! Articles that cite the current article are provided in a new section. With these and other massive improvements, HTML articles might actually become mildly competitive with PDFs in time. You can even Facebook or Digg your favorite articles to let your friends know what a huge nerd you are (or your boss how hard you’re working…depending on his/her level of stalkitude). The ACS has made some improvements to their PDFs as well, finally embracing links to citations among other things.

All in all this looks like a huge step forward for the online ACS journals and the chemical publishing community in general. You can’t beat good old-fashioned paper some days, but at least HTML articles and PDFs will become a little easier to manage with the new system.

You know, I say this 100% in earnest, it is a really fucking great time to be an American right now.

[1] MGW does not necessarily embrace this practice for research purposes 🙂


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