Crazy Cool Stuff

OK, I promise I am back for real this time! I’m going to blog on a regular basis now. For real. I mean it.

The trade-off is that you never know what you’re going to get! For instance, Illinois’ Faculty Summer Institute is going on this week, and I have a lot of exciting things to say about that. I’m presenting tomorrow, so y’all get to hear all the fun things going on at the bleeding (sometimes subdural-hematoma-ing) edge of chemical education. But that’s more of my usual fare.

Tonight, I am downright excited to proclaim that I am running again. In a big way. And I owe it all to Adidas’s micoach. If you have a smartphone and love to run, download this app now! Adidas, like many fitness companies (and not-so-fitness companies, e.g. Garmin) are realizing that GPS is a pretty cool way to handle fitness tracking. The scary flip side to this awesomeness is the fact that an Adidas server in God-knows-where is collecting and storing my extremely personal and highly valuable location data. We’ll see how long my enthusiasm lasts, I suppose. I’m on a half-marathon training schedule, trying to beat my old PR of 1:45.

This is kind of sad. 😦



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