BRSM Blog Party: Good Luck in the States!

Blog parties: what a phenomenal idea. This is my contribution to the #BRSMBlogParty for the purveyor of the famous BRSM blog, who’s heading toward the west side of the pond soon.

What’s your message for BRSM?

Good luck, have fun, and be nice to the graduate students!

Any post-doc survival tips?

Not being a post-doc myself, I can’t speak from direct experience, but the best post-docs I have known have maintained their cool in the face of a lot of pressures. Graduate students (and others) will look up to you, but don’t let that pressure get to you—be yourself. Don’t be afraid to challenge your advisor. Get out, explore wherever you’ll be, get into a hobby that allows you to meet people and do good work (for me, it was community theater).

Do you have a fun story to share from your experience in US chemistry academia?

As I mentioned before, be nice to the graduate students. A few years back, a very tall and very strong post-doc came through the lab. His first day, he walked up to me and asked where to find one of the other graduate students…I made the mistake of asking if he was an undergraduate. Talk about not starting things off on the right foot!

Any survival tips for living in the US?

Looking for an adjective? “Awesome” is the American’s go-to.

What would you like to see on BRSM blog in the future?

Whatever you want to write about! Just keep on truckin’.



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